About Me

Hi, I’m Misty. I love plants. I mean I really love plants. I especially enjoy plants that need a little help. When I go to Lowe’s, I nearly always check their plant clearance section. I often come home with plants that are nearly dead – plants that others had already given up on – that I purchase at a fraction of their original cost. I clean them up, transplant them into bigger planters, and water them. It’s amazing what a little care can do!

God speaks to me often through my plants. No, I don’t hear voices coming from their tiny stems or leaves, and their blooms don’t leave me secret messages. It’s more like a knowing that comes after having spent time working on my plants. If that still doesn’t make sense to you, feel free to stick around for a while. I will share these truths as they are dropped into my heart by the ultimate Gardener. In time you will see what I mean.

There’s so much more I could say about myself at the moment – my favorite color, food, movie, book; the degree I am currently pursuing (and the one I graduated with many years ago!); what I look like; my past and my plans for the future – but I rather than write you a novel on one page, I think I will let you get to know me gradually. You know, the way a friendship works.

So welcome to Plant Life. I hope you’ll stick around.